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Farm to Table

At an open-air market filled with amazing foods in incredible colours, the result of the farming I’ve been seeing during my two week visit.

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Fresh Bread

I smelled it from a hundred feet away. A tiny bakery on the main street of Byimana, a village in the Southern Province of Rwanda.

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Walking around the Queen/King Street East area of Toronto.

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Fresh Goat

Roadside meat for sale, between the city and Lilongwe International Airport. I didn’t stop, but wished I could have.

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Outtake #5

An unused photo from my cover shoot for the June, 2009 issue of the American Journal of Human Genetics, the second cover I’ve been lucky enough to shoot for them.

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Degustation - St. Emilion, France


Sleek chrome toasters that evoked speeding transcontinental trains. Vacuum cleaners and radios and power tools and water pitchers all so sculpted for speed they practically had wings. Magazine advertisements, brochures and newspaper articles of the day touted the materials of the wondrous and revolutionary future: magnesium alloys!

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Gargoyle 2 - Notre Dame, Paris, France

What this trip needs is MORE COWBELL

June 24th had slipped my mind. Across France, towns explode with the sound of music in the streets. And there are few accordions to be found. Last year on this date, I was in the southern town of Perpignan, where stages dotted block after city block, filling the city with…

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Bread - Tanjier, Morocco

Magic Carpet Ride

The temperature has risen considerably in the past few days, both across the country as a whole and especially as we have moved northward, leaving us to regret not having taken the time for a trip to Merzouga for a camel trek across the sand dunes of the Sahara.

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Herbs - Marrakech, Morocco

Riding the Marrakech Express

Sir, please, come! It’s the best of the best! Please! Sir! Come and sit! Sir!” Having just finished a massive meal, I’m in no mood to eat. But I’m surrounded by tables piled high with tiers of fresh kabobs of spiced lamb and beef and fish and chicken.