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A year in photos. With this post, I am relaunching my site after about a year away. In that time, there were many developments, many destinations and many photos.

This shot comes from the incredible, bird-shaped Satolas TGV station at the Lyon Saint Exupery Airport, in Lyon, France. Designed by Santiago Calatrava, this building is the nexus between land and sky, plane, car and train — an appropriate reference for the gap in my publishing.

The site is new, and dedicated to photoblogging. There’s lots to see and read: Stories from years on the road, going back to my first adventures abroad, continuing through the amazing summer of 2004, when “blogging” meant sending emails to a hundred like-minded travel addicts. Photos scanned from slides and black-and-white film I developed myself. Huge panoramas made possible by my 2007 switch to digital. It’s all here.

Going forward, there will be much more. A year away from blogging, and a growing archive of stories and pictures, leads me to a year of posting. I’ve come full circle. And with it, day one of 365. A year in photos.

April 1, 2013 Category: Architecture, Transport 4 Comments