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Pont Neuf

Just after sunrise, just after the rain ended. Looking at Isle de la Cite from Pont des Arts. Trying to channel Charles Marville, but fortunately not lugging around…

Mazarine’s Library

From the Pont des Arts, looking south, the Bibliothèque Mazarine. Established in 1643 by the physician Naudé and named for the Cardinal, France’s first public library contained nearly 40,000 items by 1652.

The Newest Bridge

On the eastern side of Paris, near the Gare de Austerlitz, is Paris’ newest bridge. Named the Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir, in honour of the French existentialist author, philosopher and…

Time Travel - Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Not Istanbul, It’s Constantinople

With apologies to They Might Be Giants, I’ve been spoiled by Morocco. Again. In Istanbul, I was hoping for, and indeed expecting, a city teetering on the edge of two worlds. Straddling Europe and Asia, on the edge of the Middle East (Turkey’s neighbor to the east is Iraq), I expected crazy.

One Lane Plus Train - Near Hokitika, New Zealand

Lookout Ahead

Driving more than 2500 km around New Zealand is an endeavour filled with hazards. But winding roads and falling rocks and monsoon rains are to be expected. It’s the bridges I’m not prepared for. Constructing highways through challenging landscapes has led to bridge designs that are rather shocking by North American standards.

Glimpse - Near Christchurch, New Zealand

Your karma just ran over my dogma

Two hours from Christchurch, through low, grass-covered hills, we swing around a bend. The road stretches out across a massive plain of grass and flowers and sparse trees, sliced in two by the grey road — a straight shot that stretches out until it disappears at the base of the Southern Alps.