Global Development

When a bean farmer in rural Uganda learns a few technical skills that enable her to plant her field more effectively, she earns more money and sends her children to school. When a hospital lab in Peru gets a diagnostic machine to detect drug-resistant tuberculosis, patients get treated and lives get saved. When a group of construction workers in Kenya band together and build quality housing, a business grows and supports a community. Learning skills, accessing new technologies, finding new ways of doing business — these are how lives are changing in real and tangible ways. Some are very simple. Others less so. But in these changes are powerful stories of resilience and perseverance, failure and success. Global development inspires me to tell stories of sparking progress in places where there is immense unmet need.

“The concerned photographer finds much in the present unacceptable which he tries to alter. Our goal is simply to let the world also know why it is unacceptable.”

Cornell Capa