Feeling Small

Maybe that’s enlightenment enough: to know that there is no final resting place of the mind; no moment of smug clarity. Perhaps wisdom…is realizing how small I am, and unwise, and how far I have yet to go. – Anthony Bourdain

20 Good Chutes

Lines of jumpers had been exiting C-47s and C-130s all day, their chutes unfurling as they left the aircraft doors. Standing in the drop zone shooting photos all morning, the USAF Combat Controllers had seen me running back and forth as people came in, landed, packed up and left. In a pause between airplanes, one Controller said to me, “Watch – these guys will be different.”

Morning at Iron Mike

The bridge was critical. As the invasion of Normandy began, seizing and holding the La Fière bridge was one of three central objectives for the USAF. This route was essential for movement inland from Utah Beach and to prevent German reinforcements from moving west. It simply couldn’t be done without securing the bridge.


The Ateneo de Madrid, one of Spain’s cultural icons, is a striking library that dates from the early 1800’s. A legendary spot to retreat, study, socialize and —…

Curves Ahead

It’s much harder to capture these types of shots in Toronto now. The new trains don’t allow access to front/rear windows and old trains have glass that is dirty and etched from years of salt and dirt. But when they work out, these shots should be printed big.


A grey day makes for stark contrasts in this apartment building near St. Lawrence Market. This shot is on my to-print list for 2019. Big. Like 3’x4′. Big…

Between Matches

Wrestling is serious business in Mongolia. When I heard that a 2016 Olympic match ended with an elaborate, clothing-free protest from Mongolian coaches, I wasn’t surprised.