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Back Breaking

Amidst oppressive heat and poverty, some amazing stories of heroic work by healthcare workers in the Jaitpur area of Delhi. While the film team was doing their thing, I watched…

Cobblestones and Lamps

I recognized the location. I had stumbled onto a photo taken on this street, a portrait, against the wall between the windows on the left, and I knew exactly where it was taken. So I dug into the archive and found this from 2008.

Balcony - Poznan, Poland

My big, fat Polish dinner

It was a good introduction. I arrived in Poznan, Poland, by train from Berlin and after a day of travel originating at 3 am in Istanbul, Turkey, I needed food. Polish “milk bars” define no-frills eating, as if your high school cafeteria was redesigned without all that fancy decor.