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Boom Scenario

Empty streets. Quiet but for the grinding rumble of snowplow blades scraping the pavement. Fresh snow underfoot. More than two feet between Friday and Saturday. A city paralyzed.…

Cobblestones and Lamps

I recognized the location. I had stumbled onto a photo taken on this street, a portrait, against the wall between the windows on the left, and I knew exactly where it was taken. So I dug into the archive and found this from 2008.

Snow at Gallery Place

It’s like seasons are some kind of strange new invention this year. They’re actually happening. After hearing about airport cancellations, train pre-cancellations and other talk of snowmageddon, the…

Pier Light

I’m still considering just how to process this shot, and if it even belongs here. I go back and forth between this and a B&W version, but I…

Lampost - Paris, France

A Numbers Game

I was due, I suppose. All these miles, all these countries, all these flights to all these airports over all these years and my luggage had always managed to travel with me.