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Curves Ahead

It’s much harder to capture these types of shots in Toronto now. The new trains don’t allow access to front/rear windows and old trains have glass that is dirty and etched from years of salt and dirt. But when they work out, these shots should be printed big.


Amidst the continuous flow of trains, people and cargo (living and otherwise) in and out of the New Delhi Railway Station, some trains fill and wait. And wait.

Terminus - Auschwitz, Poland

Arbeit Macht Frei

There are no smiles here. There are no families with strollers and balloons and ice cream for the kids. There is nobody selling ornamental models of monuments. No souvenir key chains or fold-out postcard sets or coffee mugs or t-shirts. There are no smiles here. There is horror. There is anguish. There is silence. And death.