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Fountain Flight

I’ve posted a shot of this gate before. It’s at the midpoint of Detroit’s McNamara Terminal: the main security checkpoint, where the train boards, where the tunnel leads to another terminal, where walkways begin. Where all the action is. So Delta makes a bit of a show here.

Going, going, gone…

I don’t know when they disappeared, exactly. I suppose it’s been a few years. But from my earliest memories of flying, a clear standout wasn’t the sharp acceleration of takeoff, the strangely clogged and popping ears, or emerging into a gleaming orange sunset after climbing above dense clouds. It came via the speaker system.

Tram at A66

Walking just the distance of a few gates in Detroit’s McNamara Terminal, our global connectivity laid bare. Cleveland, Seoul, Amsterdam, Sault Sainte Marie. A few steps but a window to the world. It never stops seeming cool to me. And as a global health practitioner, in the coolness are challenges.