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Red Coat

On the street that Helmut Newton called home. The day prior, I had seen the first French retrospective of Newton’s work since his 2004 death. Two hundred original prints, on display at the The Grand Palais, curated by the legendary photographer’s wife. Inspired by his 1975 photo, Le Smoking, I found the street, walked and shot.

Dries and Oscar

I’ve loved the art of fashion for a long time. I don’t know exactly when or how it started, but it certainly swung into high gear with my first trip to Paris. Like after a lifetime of listening to baseball on the radio, then finally going to a game at a major league ballpark, it was a whole new world.

Savage Lineup

The lineup started outside. Way outside. One line came from the north, snaking around the fountain and up Fifth Avenue. The other wound south. But they converged at the top of the steps and reformed inside the Museum of Metropolitan Art, winding through the galleries and balconies of the second floor. This photo was taken near the “2 Hours From This Point” sign.