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Cold water after a long and difficult hike to the top of Cerro Chato, a dormant volcano near La Fortuna, Costa Rica. The proportions made me think of Mark…

Church and Castle - Lake Bled, Slovenia

Club Bled

Set on an emerald blue lake, surrounded by the gentle mountains that mark the beginning of the Julian Alps, Bled has been a tourist favourite for decades. About a hundred decades, in fact, as the resort town of 5000 people is celebrating its thousandth year.

Cloudy Lake - New Zealand

When it rains…

The site of the fifth highest annual rainfall anywhere on the planet, Milford Sound sees some 9 m (30 feet) of rain pour from the sky each year. And most of it seems to be coming down tonight. After driving through places like “Devil’s Staircase Bluff,” so many rivers that they’re numbered rather than named.