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A Scene From The Future

It’s going to be an interesting year. Each time my calendar page turns to January, I’m always surprised with how few of the previous year’s happenings I would have predicted 365 days ago. Likewise for 2013, with events personal and professional, the year was replete with change and surprise.

Ferrer Serving Nadal

I was lucky. I didn’t know much about tennis. And even less about how to get a ticket to one of the sport’s premiere events. But sitting in my Paris hotel room about 6pm, one year ago today, I figured it was time for a change. I didn’t know who was playing. Didn’t care.

Luggage Cart

A single shot from my first attempt at a tilt-shift sequence. The idea was to test techniques (intervals, shutter speed, etc.) for what will eventually become a tilt-shift…

Asking For It

I’d like to think I had it coming. As I was boarding the shuttle bus from the plane to the terminal at JNB, expecting to transfer to my flight to Atlanta, I said to my colleague, “I would love it if there was some issue and I ended up going someplace other than Atlanta.”

Mini Cargo

I love watching airports. Whether it’s planes moving around the ramps or cargo being loaded or the distant lights of incoming planes on approach to a runway, there’s so much to see. So many possibilities of people and places and machines. The aircraft in this picture had just arrived from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and was headed to Miami. Minutes later, a pallet carrying a massive BMW sedan would be loaded into the belly of the plane parked at the next gate, followed by the suitcases of the people sitting above.

Mini Subway

The tilt-shift technique of faux-miniaturization has seen a lot of use in the past year, with amazing still subjects and short films like The Sandpit. So while my wheels…

Mini Intersection

From above the MoMA parking lot, this shot toward the CBS building is one of my early attempts at “miniature faking.” The tilt-shift technique produces an image that’s…