Asking For It

Johannesburg, South Africa

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JNB Airport, Gate A15, Johannesburg, South Africa

Feb 17th, 6:10pm

I‘d like to think I had it coming. As I was boarding the shuttle bus from the plane to the terminal at JNB, expecting to transfer to my flight to Atlanta, I said to my colleague, “I would love it if there was some issue and I ended up going someplace other than Atlanta.” Off the bus, up the stairs, into the terminal and through customs, I scanned the overhead screens in the International Transfers area for the Delta logo. “DELTA 201 ATLANTA – FLIGHT CANCELLED”

My modified itinerary brought me to Amsterdam, where I took this photo from their fantastic observation deck. My impromptu diversion also enabled a short visit to Maastricht, and an evening spent enjoying their Carnival.


With this post, my Malawi series comes to a close. There may be some more photos posted randomly on the blog, so stay tuned!