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The Ateneo de Madrid, one of Spain’s cultural icons, is a striking library that dates from the early 1800’s. A legendary spot to retreat, study, socialize and —…

Between Matches

Wrestling is serious business in Mongolia. When I heard that a 2016 Olympic match ended with an elaborate, clothing-free protest from Mongolian coaches, I wasn’t surprised.

Behind Bars

Having tuberculosis can be imprisoning in so many ways. The symptoms. The stigma. The endless stream of medicines. The isolation from family and friends, work and school. The sheer duration of treatment. It’s a brutal disease that measures its awful toll in months and years.


As we were filming in a nearby health clinic, this woman stood by just watching. Our crew attracted quite a crowd, but she stood back. In the noise and chaos, attention and trouble that a film team brings to an extremely poor slum area of southwest Delhi, something about her look was very different. I asked for her photo and she just nodded.