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Belgrade Bound - Belgrade, Serbia
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Belgrade Bound

July 3, 2014 0 Comments

On the way to one of the more unusual destinations on my trip, I took this shot out the open window of my sleeper car just after sunrise. The moon still high. The light still cool. Rumbling toward Belgrade, 10 years ago today.


Westbound in Monaco

July 7, 2011 0 Comments

On the road. In Europe. It’s great to be back abroad again. I’m working, but it’s still so nice. This is a reprise of photo shot years ago on black and white film.

One Lane Plus Train - Near Hokitika, New Zealand
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Lookout Ahead

December 26, 2003 0 Comments

Driving more than 2500 km around New Zealand is an endeavour filled with hazards. But winding roads and falling rocks and monsoon rains are to be expected. It’s the bridges I’m not prepared for. Constructing highways through challenging landscapes has led to bridge designs that are rather shocking by North American standards.