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Fountain Flight

I’ve posted a shot of this gate before. It’s at the midpoint of Detroit’s McNamara Terminal: the main security checkpoint, where the train boards, where the tunnel leads to another terminal, where walkways begin. Where all the action is. So Delta makes a bit of a show here.

A Scene From The Future

It’s going to be an interesting year. Each time my calendar page turns to January, I’m always surprised with how few of the previous year’s happenings I would have predicted 365 days ago. Likewise for 2013, with events personal and professional, the year was replete with change and surprise.


In the early morning light, a beautifully maintained C-47 sits on the flightline of the Cherbourg airport. We would later see it spooling up for its practice flights,…

Asking For It

I’d like to think I had it coming. As I was boarding the shuttle bus from the plane to the terminal at JNB, expecting to transfer to my flight to Atlanta, I said to my colleague, “I would love it if there was some issue and I ended up going someplace other than Atlanta.”

Mini Cargo

I love watching airports. Whether it’s planes moving around the ramps or cargo being loaded or the distant lights of incoming planes on approach to a runway, there’s so much to see. So many possibilities of people and places and machines. The aircraft in this picture had just arrived from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and was headed to Miami. Minutes later, a pallet carrying a massive BMW sedan would be loaded into the belly of the plane parked at the next gate, followed by the suitcases of the people sitting above.

Time Travel - Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Not Istanbul, It’s Constantinople

With apologies to They Might Be Giants, I’ve been spoiled by Morocco. Again. In Istanbul, I was hoping for, and indeed expecting, a city teetering on the edge of two worlds. Straddling Europe and Asia, on the edge of the Middle East (Turkey’s neighbor to the east is Iraq), I expected crazy.