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Sugar Man

The man, the apparition, the legend, the singer, the songwriter, the Detroit day labourer, the artist long thought to be dead, the alive and the incredible Sixto Diaz…


I first saw Winnipeg’s The Watchmen live in Windsor more than 20 years ago. There are very few artists that hold my attention for half that long. But…


More than a musician and composer and bandleader, Michael Arenella makes the Jazz Era Lawn Party happen. This shot of an intense-looking Arenella is from the dance floor. Professional dancers, groups…

Between Sky and Sea

From the first notes to reach my ears, the music of Dive Index has always captivated me. And for my past few trips to New York, the band has been the soundtrack to my visits, meshing perfectly with the destinations, the weather and the mood. But on the day of this photo, Dive Index was the reason for the trip to New York.

Preaching to the Choir

In the sweltering heat of Philadelphia’s First Unitarian Church, Stars gave another fantastic performance. With the show split into two sets, they first played their entire upcoming record,…

The Claw

I’m not sure whether this production can be considered “scaled down” when compared to the last time I saw a U2 stadium show on the PopMart tour, with…

Duo Concerto - Krakow, Poland

The Man Who Stopped the Sun

The massive, grey odes to Communist architecture are everywhere. The central train station, dark, depressing and dirty, is gargantuan, like its own underground Gotham City. It’s a labrynth of snack shops, clothing stores, internet cafes. While the blocky buildings give Warsaw a distinct historical style, modernity is moving quickly to catch up.

Caution: Construction - Barcelona, Spain

Super Sonic Airlines

Ping… ping… The abstract geometric graphics swirl and twist on the massive overhead screens, as if a deranged architect is directing a computer-generated war between multicoloured polygons. Lights pivot and twirl, hurling coordinated blasts of photons around the basketball arena-sized room.