Magic Carpet Ride

Metlaoui, Tunisia

Canyon Curve - Tozeur, Tunisia

In the interest of space and internet cafe time, I’m going to leave this one out. But suffice to say that a train ride aboard a beast called The Red Lizard, into a place where there are no roads, was one of the most amazing rail trips I’ve ever taken. There are lots of photos and an interesting story that I’m hoping to publish, so I’ll leave it there. Stay tuned.

New Rule: Chris Martin of Coldplay must go away. Forever. Now. After his recent comments about the Live8 shows being the most important thing ever organized in world history, he has ascended to a level of self-delusion and pomposity that require him to be packed into a rocket and shot into the center of the sun. The Manhattan Project, maybe. The Human Genome Project, perhaps. But a half-dozen rock shows where only a tiny fraction of attendees have been shown to have any clue about African debt and hunger relief or the mechanisms at work to actually achieve tangible results is, Chris, not the most important organized thing the world has ever seen. What will be better organized, however, is his personal interplanetary thermal delivery system, so technically revolutionary it burns only Coldplay albums as fuel. (Or Mariah Carey, but that may actually count as internal, self-combustion.) Now that would truly be some relief.