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One of the luggage windows at an abandoned railway station in Kisumu, Kenya. The last train departed in 2006, but locals say that service is on its way…


Amidst the continuous flow of trains, people and cargo (living and otherwise) in and out of the New Delhi Railway Station, some trains fill and wait. And wait.

Railway Queues

As the remaining minutes of the afternoon were overtaken by a clear night sky in Beijing, the swirling mass of people buying tickets never stopped. Hundreds, thousands streaming…

Wrap Before Shipping

On the platforms of the New Delhi train station, all kinds of things are on carts awaiting the constant flow of trains. Sacks of rice. Cartons of eggs. Bottled water. It’s all ported by hand in and out of the storage compartments at the terminal ends of each train. This cart had just been loaded from a recent arrival and was being secured.

Belgrade Bound - Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Bound

On the way to one of the more unusual destinations on my trip, I took this shot out the open window of my sleeper car just after sunrise. The moon still high. The light still cool. Rumbling toward Belgrade, 10 years ago today.

The Last Stop

The Cité station, in the center of Paris, isn’t the last stop on the Metro’s Line 4. But after one year of daily photo posts, this shot is the end of the line for my yearlong project. 365 posts ago, I set out to try something different.

Pick One

Pick One

A magical sound: the clacking of the departures board as updated times and destinations scroll upward on the list. Sometimes the updates are a single row, sometimes the whole board erupts in fluttering cacophony of times and places and platforms.