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20 Good Chutes

Lines of jumpers had been exiting C-47s and C-130s all day, their chutes unfurling as they left the aircraft doors. Standing in the drop zone shooting photos all morning, the USAF Combat Controllers had seen me running back and forth as people came in, landed, packed up and left. In a pause between airplanes, one Controller said to me, “Watch – these guys will be different.”


The Ateneo de Madrid, one of Spain’s cultural icons, is a striking library that dates from the early 1800’s. A legendary spot to retreat, study, socialize and —…

Between Matches

Wrestling is serious business in Mongolia. When I heard that a 2016 Olympic match ended with an elaborate, clothing-free protest from Mongolian coaches, I wasn’t surprised.

Behind Bars

Having tuberculosis can be imprisoning in so many ways. The symptoms. The stigma. The endless stream of medicines. The isolation from family and friends, work and school. The sheer duration of treatment. It’s a brutal disease that measures its awful toll in months and years.

Participant - Tembisa, South Africa


From the Faces of TB series. Solving the world’s toughest global health problems doesn’t happen without a wide array of partnerships. But critical, and often overlooked, are the…

Car Wash

What does a car wash have to do with TB vaccines? Effective, genuine community engagement is key to the success of any clinical trial. And that is certainly true for TB vaccines, where we work with some surprising stakeholders to make progress.

Naadam Bikers

In the main plaza of Dalanzadgad’s stadium, kids run and play and celebrate Naadam, the annual summertime festival of three traditional games: Mongolian wrestling, horse racing and archery.


Amidst the continuous flow of trains, people and cargo (living and otherwise) in and out of the New Delhi Railway Station, some trains fill and wait. And wait.

Sugar Man

The man, the apparition, the legend, the singer, the songwriter, the Detroit day labourer, the artist long thought to be dead, the alive and the incredible Sixto Diaz…