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Looking through the trees on the Brazil side of the falls. The rightmost side of the walkway at the top is where On The Edge was taken.

Double Falls

A pair of “tiny” waterfalls near the end of the main trail in Iguazu National Park. With hundreds of falls in the park spilling millions of gallons of water…

Pools IV - Pamukkale, Turkey

The Cotton Castle

Back in Selcuk, a working-class town devoid of much decoration or fanfare, I await my next bus while taking photos of kids playing in the streets. After a quick meal at a neighborhood eatery, my next stop is Pamukkale.

Tongariro Crossing - Tongariro National Park, New Zealand

The Road to Mount Doom

It began this morning in Taupo with a 5 am wakeup call for the bus ride to Tongariro National Park. The bars were still bumping and thumping with New Year’s festivities, but I suited up with cold weather gear, attempting to be prepared for the Tongariro Crossing, billed as New Zealand’s most spectacular one-day walk.

Dark Sound - South Island, New Zealand

Ready and Abel

Abel Tasman National Park has golden beaches and water so clear that kayaks in shallow water simply appear to be floating in space. I bask in the sun and climb some of the 57 km of trails that wind and twist through dense trees. I wander beaches and explore tiny side trails.